The J visa category is for nonimmigrants seeking entry into the United States as a
bona fide trainee, student, professor or research scholar, short-term scholar,
non-academic specialist, foreign physician, international visitor, teacher,
government visitor, camp counselor, au pair and summer student in travel or work

Nonimmigrants entering under the J Visa have to demonstrate fluency in English
and have sufficient funds to maintain their stay, which includes medical insurance
up to a specified amount.

The main restriction imposed for this visa category is the Two-Year Foreign
Residency Requirement.  This restriction requires certain J Visa holders to return to
their home country for a period of 2 years before they are eligible to adjust status,
apply for an immigrant visa, apply for H or L visa, or change status inside the U.S.  

Those J Visa holders subject to the two year restrictions include:

Persons whose participation was financed in whole or in part by the United States
government or by the government of their nationality.  


was involved in a field which was on the Department of States skills list.  


Came to the U.S. or acquired J status after January 10, 1977 to receive graduate
medical education or training.  

Waivers of the two-year requirement or available in certain situations.  
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