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Acquiring Conditional Residency:

In general, a person who marries a U.S. Citizen obtains conditional resident status
unless the marriage is more than two years old at the time immigrant status is
granted.  In addition, immigrant investors are granted Conditional Residence.  (For
more information on investor visas please follow the Visas link.)  Conditional
Resident Status confers upon the immigrant all the benefits that a Lawful Permanent
Resident enjoys, however the immigrant bears the burden of removing the condition.

To remove the condition, an application must be filed with the USCIS within a 90 day
window.  This window begins 90 days before the 2nd anniversary of obtaining
conditional residence.  

Is is extremely important to file within the allocated time frame, as failure to comply
with this requirement may result in the initiation of removal proceedings as well as
falling "out of status", which in itself may pose serious consequences.  

Removal of the Condition:

Generally the conditional resident and their spouse file together to remove the
condition.  However, at times this may not be possible due to the separation of the
couple due to divorce, death or abuse.  Should you fall into the one of these
categories we highly recommend that you consult an attorney for assistance with the
process of complying with USCIS requirements.   
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