Currently there are no amnesty programs in effect.  However, as per settlement
agreements stemming from the Catholic Social Services lawsuit, those class members
may refile for the amnesty program pursuant to 245A of the Immigration and Nationality
Act.  The deadline to file for the benefits of this settlement have been extended to
December 31, 2005.  

The following are a few basic requirements to determine eligibility for this benefit:

1.  During the period between May 5, 1987, and May 4, 1988, did you (or a parent) visit
and INS office to
apply for legalization but were turned away because the INS believed you traveled
outside the U.S. after
November 6, 1986.  

2.  Did you enter the U.S. before January 1, 1982 and reside in continuous unlawful
status except for brief
absences from before 1982 until the date you were turned away from the INS.  

If you fall into one of the above categories you may be eligible to apply for work
authorization and Temporary residence which will eventually lead to Permanent

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