Midnight Deadline for Immigration Reform:
As many effected immigrants wait for the outcome of potential legislation that may
offer limited benefits, demonstrators around the U.S. have voiced their opinions on
this important topic.  
Click here to view President Bush's Position on immigration

New Bill before the Senate offers Adjustment of Status to Employees
The new bill allows individuals unlawfully in the United States for a period of five
years to apply for adjustment of status after paying a penalty if they can establish
they were employed for three of the five years before enactment of the proposed
legislation and for six additional years after the legislation is enacted.  The alien is
required to show compliance with Federal Tax law during the periods of employment
qualifying them for adjustment of status.  In addition, the alien will have to
demonstrate basic English and understanding of the U.S. Government and

USCIS refuses to reallocate unused Singapore/Chile H1-B Visas
According to memo issued by the USCIS, it appears the USCIS will not allow unused
visas from those allocated to Singapore and Chile to be recaptured for other
countries utilizing the H1-B visa program.  As a result employers will have to wait
until April 1, 2006 to apply for eligible employees to begin working October 1,  2006.
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