The analysis of all Immigration cases should begin with determining the Citizenship
of the client.  Many times the client may qualify under one of the many laws which
grant citizenship either directly or derivatively.  Isais & Pfeiffer, LLP has successfully
obtained Citizenship for a client previously ordered deported from the United States,
demonstrating the importance of this analysis.   

Naturalization is the process whereby lawful permanent residents apply to become
Citizens of the United States.  Generally a lawful permanent resident must wait three
to five years after becoming a lawful permanent resident before applying for
naturalization.  One may apply 90 days before they meet this requirement.  

There are many factors which may make one ineligible to naturalize, which may
include long periods of stay outside of the United States, failure to register with the
Selective Service, in addition to many criminal related offenses.  We recommend
that you consult an attorney prior to filing your application to ensure eligibility.  

At times the USCIS may delay the adjudication of a Naturalization application with no
apparent reason.  Under the Immigration and Nationality Act, the USCIS has 120
days to make a determination.  Failure to do so provides the applicant the
opportunity to file a Petition in Federal Court.

All males between the ages of 18 and 26 must register with the Selective Service to
comply with Naturalization requirements.  Click on the link below to see if you are
required to register at this time.  
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