The L Visa category is reserved to bring managers and executives, as well as
persons who possess specialized knowledge of a foreign company's operations into
the U.S. for a temporary period of stay.  

Duration of stay for this category varies depending on the classification of the
employees, i.e., whether they are an executive/manager or one possessing
specialized knowledge.  For the latter, the maximum period of stay is five years,
whereas executives and managers are allowed a total of seven years.  Choosing  
the proper classification is an important factor because executives and managers
are afforded the opportunity to apply for permanent residency as a priority worker
of the EB-1, employment based visa.  

Spouses and children under the age of 21 are designated as L-2 and are permitted
to attend school and are authorized to work, upon receipt of a Employment
Authorization Document.  

Basic Requirements of this category require that the beneficiary have one
continuous year of employment outside the U.S. with the petitioning company within
the last three years.  Any time in the U.S. in another status is subtracted from the
one year requirement.  

The Beneficiary must be entering the U.S. as an employee of a qualifying
organization.  A qualifying organization is a company that is doing business in the
U.S. and one other country during the whole period of employment of the
beneficiary.  The U.S. company must be a branch, parent, affiliate of subsidiary of
the foreign company for which the beneficiary was employed by.

The USCIS has varying requirements for "New Offices", which are defined as
companies being in existence less than one year.   These "New Offices" must
demonstrate that they can sustain the employment of an executive or manager one
year from the approval of the petition.  
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