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experienced in immigration law.

Obtaining permanent residence is the main goal for many immigrants entering the
United States.  There are many vehicles available to obtain permanent residence,
such as marriage to a United States Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident.  In
addition, employment based petitions also provide a means to achieve permanent
residence.  Once one is granted this status they are afforded the right to live and
work in the United States Permanently.  They are provided proof of their status in
the form of a USCIS issued I-551 or "Green Card" as it is commonly referred as.

Permanent Residents are required to always carry their "Green Card" on their
person at all times.  If your "Green Card" is lost you do not lose your status as a
lawful permanent resident, but must file for a replacement with the USCIS as soon
as possible.  In addition, one must inform the USCIS of any change of address by
filing form AR-11.  

Lawful Permanent Residents entering the United States are deemed to be making a
new admission, and must demonstrate they are eligible to enter.  Certain criminal
convictions or extended absences from the U.S. may result in the termination of
your permanent residence status.  Prior to leaving the U.S. we recommend you
consult with an attorney experienced in immigration law to determine if any ground
of inadmissibility applies to you.

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